Medical cannabis dispute concentrates on feds and research study

Medical marijuana advocates, stymied in their recent efforts to legalize medical cannabis in Utah, are taking the fight to the country's capital.They are contacting Utah’s congressional delegation to support an expense that would downgrade marijuana from Mercury MMJ a schedule I managed compound to a schedule II substance something that mention lawmakers urged Congress to do in a resolution sponsored by state Sen. Brian Shiozawa, R-Salt Lake City.

Police raid Toronto pot dispensaries for non-medical cannabis traffickers

Toronto authorities robbed several cannabis dispensaries across the city on Thursday, charging individuals for trafficking non-medical marijuana.The drug team dealt with a number of authorities departments and the city’s Licencing and Standards division in conducting the raids.Cops are arranged to launch the information about the raids, dubbed Project Claudia, consisting of places, charges and products took at an interview Friday morning.

Toronto health board desires 'immediate' clarity on pot rules

The Toronto Board of Health is calling on the federal government to supply "instant" clearness on pot rules, following cops raids on dozens of cannabis dispensaries throughout the city last week.A movement gone by the board requires a regulatory framework with a public health approach, ahead of the upcoming federal legalization and regulation in 2017.The Liberal government has stated it will present new legislation next year, but the city's health board states that are not good enough there is a need for interim guidelines now.

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